Marketing tool: Create a SMS Marketing Campaign

Create an SMS Marketing Campaign
"The key to SMS marketing is knowing that less is more."

A SMS Marketing Campaign seems like a great and simple way to connect with fans. It can be used as a gentle reminder to your fans that you’re thinking of them and maybe even doing something special for them very soon.

It can also see it used for…

  • Show updates
  • A coupon for merchandise discounts
  • Happy birthday notes to fans
  • Or just to say Hi!

The possibilities are practically endless with the only limit being your own imagination.

Below is an excerpt from a great article by ImagePR founder, Jem Bahaijoub. Jem is an established creative and strategic leader with over a decade of experience in the international music and entertainment industry.

Use what’s at your disposal

According to a recent Pew study, 90% of Americans use their mobile handsets for texting. It therefore makes sense that SMS marketing becomes an integral part of your mobile marketing campaign. is a text messaging service launching this month specially enabling musicians to communicate with their fans instantly. Starting at $12.99 a month, it’s an affordable method of mobile communications. Be careful though. There is a fine line between communicating with your fans and harassing them. Here’s a brief video that describes the coming service.

The key to SMS marketing is knowing that less is more

Make each message count, and don’t oversaturate your fans to the brink of spamming. So there you have it. Launching a mobile marketing campaign isn’t as hard as you think. The music industry is thankfully starting to react to the need for easy and affordable mobile marketing solutions for DIY musicians. You just need to do four things – assess your reality, create a strategy, research your tools, and get mobile! Good luck.


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