“Look out”, The Ross Sea Party aired on ABC’s Private Practice.

The Ross Sea Party, a CrazyEye Music Service mastering client.
Featured on ABC's Private Practice

On March 15th CrazyEye Music Services mastering client, The Ross Sea Party had their song “Look Out” featured on ABC’s hit show, Private Practice.

This is huge for the LA based group of “five friends who wanted to transcend the disconnected and nonsensical nature of life in the city to create something consequential, the band embarked with hollow-body guitars, well-tuned drums, and a glockenspiel.

Founder of the band, Brady Erickson, approached us through our mutual friend and, at the time their booking agent, Rebecca Balin when we offered a FREE mastering session for “Friends of Rebecca“. As soon as we heard “Broken Arrow“,  the track they needed mastered, we were hooked. Their combination of simplistic yet complicated arrangements were so fresh that we had to master the entire EP. Thankfully the band and the record didn’t yet have a mastering engineer so we got the gig. Lucky us!

Fast forward to today and The Ross Sea Party is currently planning for an upcoming album and  seeking funding through a KickStrarter campaign. Since we’re not only business contacts and friends, but also huge fans we, of course, contributed to the project. Both Brady and Rebecca have been two of our top referrers who’ve made commissions from business they’ve sent our way so we thought we would contribute to The Ross Sea Party project to help with what we feel is going to be one of the best new acts of 2012/2013.

Best of luck to The Ross Sea Party from your friends at CrazyEye Music Services!

If you know of a band or act that is seeking professional mixing, mastering or development we offer a 10% commission for paying referrals. Plenty of past clients have taken advantage of this program and have made good money to help support their causes. Whether that’s buying more equipment, helping with show expenses or simply helping with everyday costs. If you’re willing to send us qualified musical artist who are in need of professional production services, we’re willing to share that revenue with you.

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