Lady Gaga 99 Cents Album Promo Turns Negative For Amazon & Gaga As Servers Stall

image from (UPDATED) We didn't intend to make today's Hypebot All Lady Gaga, All The Time, even though this is release day of her new album. But aggressive brand tie-ins including one with Google and Amazon's decision to sell the entire Born This Way album for 99 cents, have given us lots to write about.  Now I've learned that Gaga's Little Monsters (her name for fans) are buying so many albums, that Amazon's download servers have slowed to a crawl and in some cases not delivering all 14 tracks.  This mess is in turn causing an unintended negative for both Gaga and Amazon, that goes far beyond and a few disgruntled fans.

Dozens of Gaga fans have chosen to show their displeasure by rating the experience on Amazon - and thus the new album's has dropped from 5 to 3 stars.  "Either Cloudplayer is buggy for this download or is just unstable and pointless. I had to send an email to customer Service to get help downloading. And they'll get back to me within 12 hours?!? Its a download service and you can't get back to me any sooner than twelve hours?," wrote one two star reviewer.

"Not able to listen to over half the CD, and I'm not listening to a single track until I can listen to the album as a whole, as that is the way it is supposed to be listened to according to the artist," wrote another fan who gave it one star.

For Amazon, this massive loss leader sale, that was meant to showcase its new cloud music service, has also turned sour. "This is a note to EVERYONE DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT download the album to your cloud drive because it WILL NOT download," wrote an unhappy customer who echoed the concerns of many today.

UPDATE: Amazon acknowledges Gaga problem with this tweet form @amazonmp3: We're currently experiencing very high volume. If you order today, you will get the full @ladygaga album for $.99. Thanks for your patience.

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