Korg’s Nautilus workstation offers multiple sound engines

Korg Nautilus

Korg recently unveiled the Nautilus. A Kronos technology-based keyboard workstation.

From Korg’s web site.

“Korg Nautilus gives players the flexibility and power of Kronos’ nine sound engines – with even more sounds – in a streamlined, high-quality performance synth. Pushing the boundaries of what a performance synth and workstation is capable of, Nautilus offers a novel approach to sounds, open sampling, audio recording, effects, and plenty of processing power. An intuitive workflow centered around a seven-inch touchscreen enables access to convenient arpeggiator and drum track functions, while smooth sound transitions eliminate dropouts when changing sounds. Nautilus is available with an 88-key RH3 weighted keyboard action, 73-key semi-weighted keyboard, or 61-key semi-weighted keyboard.”

SOS gives it a pretty, pretty, pretty nice review. Also, check out the promo video on YouTube.

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