J&B City Remix iPhone App Samples Global Sounds

Jb-partyThe makers of J&B Scotch Whisky, a product I've yet to sample though I love me some bourbon, has an interesting campaign in progress called the J&B City Remix. World citizens are invited to record sounds of their cities using an iPhone app that will be used in DJ mixes for J&B promo parties. They've released a series of videos on YouTube to get the party started and it's a nice beginning.

J&B Sample South America

The J&B City Remix site still seems focused on previous campaigns but their YouTube channel has gotten things off to a nice start with such videos as the one above that is reminding me that South America may be my next destination!

The South America video samples sounds of Rio De Janeiro and Buenos Aires, two rather different but spectacular cities. You are invited to sample your city's sounds via an iTunes app that is a bit difficult to identify.

Cool Hunting doesn't link to it in their "advertorial content". The link found on YouTube simply resolves to iTunes and searching iTunes doesn't result in relevant apps. However, using a search engine, I found what could be the app or maybe it's an imposter designed to brick your iPhone. Download it and let us know, brave iPhone owners!

It looks like the party's inching along on Facebook with no mention of the States, so maybe that's ahead or maybe this campaign isn't really meant for us.

Despite the ambiguity, I really like this idea though reading that "mixes from around the world will be launched at exclusive J&B parties in early 2012" makes me think that, even if the U.S. is included, Asheville, NC will be left behind. Guess I'll be sticking to Maker's Mark in 2012!

News via Erik Peterson of Hifidelics.

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