Indie Labels Join To Save Failing Distributor

image from From the ashes of failed distributor, The Independent Record Collective, three record labels - Frontier Records, Beer City, and Tribunal Records - have launched a new distribution operation for indie labels and bands: Independent Label Distribution (ILD). ILD will handle both physical and digital product and are already handling titles for these indie labels:

Adolescents, D.R.I., Les Baxter, Bouncing Souls, Cannabis Corpse, Larry & his Flask, Kill Whitney Dead, August Burns Red, Circle Jerks, MDC, The Dils, Hole, Naked Raygun, Rocket From The Crypt, Turbonegro, The Weirdos and more. A full list of ILD labels includes Altin Village & Mine Records, Anchorless Records, Beer City Records, Cavity Records, Chunksaah Records, CI Records, Corrosive Recordings, Dionysus Records/Bacchus Archives, Frontier Records, Init Records, No Way Records, Red Scare Industries, Riot Fest Records, Rodent Popsicle Records, Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club/Springman Records, Six Weeks Records, Sympathy For The Record Industry, Tankcrimes and Tribunal Records/Divebomb Records.

According to a release by ILD, label vets Lisa Fancher, Mike Beer and Matt Rudzinski took over the failing distributor based in Richmond Virginia and rebuilt it from the ground up.

"Of all the things I never thought I'd do, taking over my distributor is probably number one on my list,” said Lisa Fancher of Frontier Records and Independent Label Distribution. “Loser distributors have burned me for hundreds of thousands of dollars since Frontier started in 1980, so at this point I know what it takes to make one succeed. Mike Beer from Beer City, Matt Rudzinski from Tribunal Records and I share the same DIY ethic and we're not just doing this to save ourselves, we're interested in helping a couple dozen other labels survive after the previous owner was running the company into the ground." - via CelebrityAccess

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