Indie Artist Scotty James Goes Door To Door & Into The Music Industry

Sjames The story of Canadian busker Scotty James, who took his act door to door and in the process found a manager, is similar in some respects to that of radically different acts who've made it online like Odd Future and Kreayshawn. What these acts share is not only a facility at using networks to build support, but also the ability to attract solid management that can guide them into the heart of the industry.

Canadian singer songwriter Scotty James recently began a press campaign telling his story of a young man who took his act door to door and is now getting attention for his music videos and ep:

"Scotty James decided to go door-to-door and play songs for people on their front porches in hopes of raising enough money to produce his debut album..."

"I was flat broke and desperate to get my music out, I had no choice but to grab my guitar and go door-to-door."  In so doing:

"Scotty James met music manager and entrepreneur Johnny Ioannou, and eventually 'formalized a partnership that included a management, recording, and artist development deal'....the two worked closely together unrolling an intensive eight month online marketing and branding campaign."

Though Scotty James made his management connection networking offline, which is a great story, it's interesting to see the similarities to the narratives of Odd Future and Kreayshawn in terms of building an initial buzz, connecting with solid management and navigating the industry from that base.

This trajectory also features in an upcoming story about an emerging performer with a publishing deal as it does in the still developing tale of Scotty James. Great management has always been difficult to find but it seems to be the connecting point as so much of the industry disperses into a network of services.

Official Site: Scotty James

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