Indie Artist Fans Try To Sell Dog Pooping Photos

image from Sites like Pledge Music, Kickstarter, and Sellaband have created opportunities for artists to make money from aspects of their careers that they have not been able to previously. For instance, selling art lithographs before the Internet came with many holdups. How many do you make? What do you charge? How many fans will be interested buying them? It's a hard call. 

There is an opposite and equal truth to this though.

The Internet has also opened up a market for sellers to ask money for artist memorabilia that would have been difficult to find a buyer for. To some fan, somewhere, your finding might be worth money, but who and how much?

That signed drum stick or dirty towel can be now be sold.

But it doesn't stop there. With any opportunity to make an extra buck, there will always be opportunists looking to capitalize on the naivety and fandom of others.

The 22-year-old singer Adele reportedly gets followed around by some odd people nowadays. They are not looking for autographs or a chat about her music either.

She told The Sun: "The other day I was up north and there were these - well, I don't think they were fans actually, they were like eBayers... I'd be at the venue, they'd be there. I'd leave the venue and they'd be there. Then they started taking pictures of my dog doing a shit and stuff like that. It was really weird." 

 And you thought your fans were a bunch of creepers.

This type of behavior is not new. Listen to an Eminem song and you will hear more than once about fans and reporters crossing his personal boundaries.

What is interesting about this though is that now indie artists are attracting the same kind of opportunists. They likely are not fans of Adele. She may have mischaracterized the intents of her stalkers. But, maybe not. Check eBay.

The difference: Eminem may kill you for taking photos of his dog. 

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