How We Work

The First One’s Free, Kid!

We don’t believe in hosting before and after files of our work because we know that doesn't mean a thing to you. The only way you’re going to truly understand what we do is if we show you. Right? We realize trust is a key factor in building business. If you're considering our services, send us your material and we'll mix or master one song for free. That’s right - absolutely free. In a nutshell, here’s how that works:

  • We’ll discuss your need(s), get to work, exchange comments and make changes until you’re satisfied.
  • Next, we’ll send you an mp3. If you're completely satisfied we'll agree upon a fee, commit to the project, and begin creating your new sound.
  • If we're not a match you can keep the mp3 with the simple promise not to distribute or sell our version.

Still interested? Perfect. See the details below.

 How we work.

First off; every project comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we take tons of pride in what we do and who we collaborate with. We want a win-win. It's best for us and you. Wouldn't you agree?

The process:

  1. We’ll communicate beforehand via email, phone call, video conference, etc. You decide which form. From experience, email seems to work best since scheduling one-on-one time can be difficult.
  2. Share your files with us as described on the File Sharing page.
  3. Now, we get to work and do what we do*. When we feel the product is close to your stated needs, we’ll send you an mp3 of the mix or master.
  4. Take a listen and send back your comments. We then revise as requested.
    1. We do this until you're happy with the work – seriously, until you feel it’s completely done. Most facilities only offer one or two revisions. Not here. Make as many changes as you need. If we’re 90% done with the track and you want to add another part, just send it along and we’ll drop it in. With modern, music technology it's that easy. We welcome your continual participation because we’re definitely about the song. We want to enhance your sound. We want your fan base to grow.
  5. Once you’re happy, a final file will be sent for your ultimate approval.
  6. If you're 100% completely satisfied, we’ll close out the project and payment will be due.**
  7. Once payment is received, we’ll send along the hi-res files in the format of your choice (.aiff or .wav).

That’s it. Pretty simple and efficient. No hoops to jump through. No complicated issues to navigate. Our role isn't to merely engineer your material. We’re here to be your Post Production Partner in bringing your art into the world. So, bring it!

*We have deep experience in all aspects of music creation: songwriting, engineering, post production, etc. Rest assured, we’ve pretty much done it all. We understand musicians may have a tough time letting go of their creation. This is a very personal endeavor, and we get that. We're also objective listeners. That being said, we may slightly alter the arrangement. Not common, but it does happen. Some examples:

  • We think the drums would be best coming in a few bars after the intro. We may mute them in that section.
  • If we feel the guitars are interfering with the intimacy of the vocal in the 1st verse, we may bring them way down.
  • Or, if the chorus needs a little something more, we may add simple percussion.

These changes are in no way set in stone and you'll always have final approval – always. If you're not in agreement, simply ask us to revert back and we’ll be happy to do so.

** We work on the honor system. Payment isn't due until you are completely satisfied with our service. We're fortunate enough to work with a very specific type of client. We'd like the client to feel the same. If you're ready to work let's see if we're a good fit for each other.

I'm ready. What's next?

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