HOW TO: Make Fan Connections via Yelp

This post is by Alison McCarthy (@aliiimac). She's an intern at Hypebot.

image from In a previous post, I explored potential ways artists can use Foursquare to engage their fans. Though Foursquare may not be a typical "go-to" social media service for musicians and artists, I suggested that the service could assist in the development of artist personalities – a key tool in engaging loyal fanbases.

As I explained:

As seen through Kanye West's Twitter account, we love seeing our artists as real people, and Foursquare can also be used to humanize artists. He/she can check-in at other shows and concerts, clubs, restaurants – or even mundane places like gas stations, supermarkets, and laundromats – and give tips, make shout-outs, or upload photos to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at what life's like outside of the music box.

A few days ago, I was directed to indie rock outfit We Are Scientists' Yelp profile, used to express their pretty hilarious opinions on random diners, liquor stores, mobile food shacks, and chain restaurants they've patroned while on tour.

Commenting as much on the food as on the minute details of the restaurant décor, coffee strength, bathroom conditions, and waitstaff, their deeply thorough reviews illustrate a clever sense of humor about the often not-so-glamorous life on the road.

According to We Are Scientists, Los Cabos Mexican Grill in Columbus, Texas is "a rock solid Mexican place surrounded by the usual roadside suspects – McDonalds, Subway, Whataburger, Pizza Hut – a jewel sitting in a pile of rabbit turds." The margaritas at Chili's Bar & Grill in Crowley, Louisiana were "absolutely terrible" and "have no reason to exist," and the bathroom at Louie's Cafe in Baton Rouge, Louisiana "was the sort of place where you don't want to touch anything without first assuming a protective layer of paper product.

Though the utilization of a site such as Yelp obviously wouldn't be the right fit for every artist, in this case, without being familiar with We Are Scientists' music, I found myself laughing along with the wittiness and relatability of their reviews.

Similar to how I view the potential of Foursquare, I see this as another great example of how seemingly atypical social media sites can work to give artists a personal look behind the curtain.


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