HOW TO: Bring Your Audience to You – If You Absolutely Can’t Tour To See Them

456 Due to the decline in the sales of record music, many artists are packing up their gear and hitting the road. It's where the money is – sort of – if you can afford it. But many artists can't. Either it's not economically feasible or due to reasons of geography, they can't tour where their audience is. Fans are either an ocean or a world away. It all depends. Yair Yona is an acoustic guitar player based out of Israel.

His music is heavily influenced by American and British folk. This is a very challenging problem when it comes to touring. Where does one even start?

It's not just the logistics of touring and the high price of flights, but fear of having one's three acoustic guitars damaged in transit. In releasing his debut album Remember, he contemplated such issues, asking himself, "How can I enable fans to me play live at almost zero cost?" Then it dawned on him that he could create a video tour of his hometown of Tel Aviv, filmed at places in the city.

Rather than bring his music to the world, he could bring the world to him.

Since most people haven't been to Tel Aviv, Israel, Yona included a brief description of all the locations and gave his instrumentals some added context.

The takeaway: There's always a way to take your biggest disadvantage, turn it around, and reach your fans anyway. Yona may still not be able to tour, but this is an example how any artist can create their own living album right at home.

Skinny Fists:

Struggled So Hard:


Yair Yona is a guitarist from Tel Aviv who had released his US debut Remember with Strange Attractors Audio House in 2010. Yair was also the co-founder of the Anova Music label and runs the alternative music blog Small Town Romance.

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