How One Indie Band Gained Hundreds of New… (Read: Nude) Followers Overnight

image from Every indie band secretly hopes that their efforts won't remain in obscurity forever. Imagine waking up one day to find that you're Facebook presence is now has thousands of "Likes" and tons of would-be fans are commenting on your wall. They're posting pictures too.

Is this event everything that you ever hoped for or your worst nightmare came true? Well, if the name of your band is "Nude Beach" and there's now links to photos of naked sand dwellers on your wall, maybe this isn't the winning lottery ticket after all. Many people, likely searching for nudist Facebook page to call their own, inhabited and "Liked" their band page, unaware that a band even existed.

Then Nude Beach started to get spammed by all kinds of nudist dating sites, nude cruises, and anonymous males posting pictures of their naughty parts.

Nude Beach had a Facebook page that was more popular than the band itself. Lamenting about this incident, in December, the group posted on their Facebook page: "The nude beach Facebook is way more popular than the band. Have we officially 'made it' on Facebook? Leave your thoughts...and some nude pics."

Commenting on ordeal, band member Dan Svizeny said, "Our Facebook Page got a life of its own and turned into this weird nudist dating site for people too stupid to realize we were a band…" However, this story doesn't appear to have a happy ending. The band reportedly split up, in part, due to nudist shenanigans.

You know, had the group Nude Beach started a paid e-mail list, maybe they would've been able to monetize ignorance and fund their music. Just saying.

Whatever it takes right?

This album was funded by Daniel, Katie, Mike, and many others at Kickstarter, as well as, by our nudist newsletter. Thanks for "baring all" the cost of our album!

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