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As you may know, the parent company of Hypebot and Music Think Tank is the boutique national booking agency Skyline Music. This summer Skyline is getting a makeover. A management consultant  might call it repositioning to reflect changing market conditions; and given the state of live touring and it's importance to artists, many things do need to change - drastically.

Skyline cropped 300 In the old paradigm, agents booked, promoters sold tickets, record labels marketed and artists got on stage. Much of that has changed. Most promoters and labels lack the resources to market effectively; and when they try, finding and engaging the right audience is increasingly difficult. The industry  also often creates its own barriers to fan participation with high ticketing fees, expensive merchandise and value-added packages that seem to be more about making more money than rewarding fan loyalty.

Rimage from creativeallies.comesponding to this new paradigm, is what Skyline's "makeover" is all about. We'll get into specifics in the coming weeks and ask for your input along the way. Like most good makeovers,  Skyline's is beginning by putting on a new face - a logo, then the web site.

Our Creative Allies Contest:

To create a new logo, we turned to the new Creative Allies community of designers. On a site fathered by the music marketing geniuses at Music Allies, bands, labels, festivals and companies of all stripes describe what they are looking for and create a contest to reward the best submissions. In just the first few days, designers have offered 29 Skyline Music logos that are indicative of  the incredible work done for many of the other contests.

image from

Take a look and let us know your favorite Skyline Music logo in the comments section below. Please also pass along the word to other artists and those looking for designs about the talent and opportunities showcased throughout Creative Allies.

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