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image from The following is an excerpt from The New Masters Of Online Marketing, co-written by Greg Rollett from Gen-Y Rock Stars and The ProductPros. You can pick up a copy of the Amazon Best Selling Book here. At the end of the post I discuss a contest where you can win 1 of 3 copies of the book from Greg.

Leveraging Other People's Audience

It’s all about the Benjamins, baby…or at least getting the guy who created the hit song to Tweet about you. At the time of this writing, Diddy is the 19th most popular Twitter user with just over 3 million followers. At the time he mentioned my post, he was in the top 10 with more than 2 million. Just how much power does the Grammy Award-winning Sean Combs have when he drops your name and links to your blog post?

Enough to make servers jiggle, Twitter numbers soar and boost your street cred instantly (even for a former white rapper from the sunshine state). So just why did Diddy decide to send some love my way and how can this help your business? It comes down to leverage. More specifically, Leveraging Other People’s Audience (OPA).

The Discovery

When I first got started with Internet Marketing, I tried it all. From creating online stores selling hammocks and bird feeders, to info products about info products and even holding down a 9-5, writing job descriptions for eager job seekers on search engines and job boards. I was a multi-hat-wearing tire spinner. No matter which road I chose, there was always that problem of, “I need traffic, and then I need that traffic to buy something, and then I need that traffic to come back and buy more, and then I need more traffic.” And that feeling sucks. Especially when you exhaust your rent money in AdWords, SPAM your way into every potential JV partner’s crap list and start buying info products like they are baseball cards collections. The Internet Millionaire dream teaches us all to “just build it and they will come,” getting all Kevin Costner 80’s mode on us. Simply do the hard work and build a valuable site, but in reality we need living, breathing, paying human beings to show up and take action on our products and services. After sipping overpriced umbrella drinks, dreaming about this lifestyle, I fell into a sweet spot – like an athlete in the zone. The ‘aha’ came when three things fell into place. First of all, I started working on things I really cared about. Then, I found others that were already connecting with this audience. And lastly, I started forming relationships and providing value to both of the people mentioned in the first two points.

The 4 Core Elements to Leverage an Online Audience

In order to get the most from this strategy, you really have to become a true rock star in your niche. Every piece of content needs to be a hit, connecting with people on an emotional level and even more powerfully, help produce results. Whether these results mean readers taking action to grow personally or professionally, getting the content to inspire massive comments or simply social leverage, you are helping the content creator’s reach expand through your work. This makes the readers take action to visit your site and join your list or make a sale. No matter the outcome, you need to rock the stage when given the opportunity. Think of every content producer as if they are Simon Cowell. You need to produce your heart out to get accepted and then be accepted by millions all over the world. You can easily become the Bono of your market by implementing these 4 elements into your marketing practices: 1. Find the biggest and most relevant audience that already exists in your market 2. Create a real, long-lasting mutually beneficial relationship with the content provider 3. Create the most awe-inspiring and epic performance to drive value into their readers’ hearts 4. Leverage the traffic, social profiles and newsletters to build your own credibility, grow your list and become the go-to expert in your industry The thing I like about the OPA strategy is how quickly you can become an authority and be the definitive rock star in your market. If the people who have the audience in your niche are introducing you to their readers, they are placing you on a pedestal and implying you are important, you know your stuff and they should listen to you. If you can get in with 3, 5 or 10 of these sites within a month, how much of your niche’s market share can you grab? If you are able to have your content produced on their blogs or websites, you can also leverage the SEO strength of the content provider and drive long-term traffic to your business that you don’t get with an AdWords ad or email blast. When you stop spending money on ads, the traffic stops. A day or two after an email blast goes out, the swarm of traffic dies down to nothing. But content on the web (placed on highly relevant and influential sites) can live forever online. When I wrote a piece for Mashable on the music industry, I got the best of both worlds and then some. I was able to write a 1,000 word piece showing my expertise on how musicians were using social media to release their albums and have it displayed to their millions of readers. This is an instant credibility booster, one I still use today in my author boxes and bios as a writer for After the article went live, it was able to generate 1,500+ ReTweets on Twitter, over 500 Facebook Likes, 100+ comments and made it to the trending stories tabs on Digg, Delicious and Reddit in the entertainment category. Even better was the people that came to my site and joined my mailing list. It was an instant pop of a few hundred subscribers, all pre-qualified to like music and social media. Three of them wound up buying into my $500 New Music Economy Blueprint course. Not bad for a piece of content that took and hour or two to put together.

The Contest

What is you favorite online marketing tip? Share it in the comments section below and you might be one of three people to pick up a copy of the book The New Masters Of Online Marketing or head on over to Amazon and grab one today. Greg can be reached directly at

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