Gosh, I Sound Great!

Nathaniel Kunkel InSession: Gosh, I Sound Great!

I love Nathaniel’s article in Electronic Musician magazine. When it comes in I’ll usually jump to the end (his is the very last article in each issue) and start there. This one is particularly good because it’s his view on how the industry has learned to honor “artists” who use Auto-Tune and/or Melodyne. I think the comment “…they forgot about one important issue: they were lying to their customers.” really sums it up. Enjoy!

from Electronic Musician Magazine.

Auto-Tune and Melodyne: if you ask a well-respected singer, they are four-letter words. If you ask a not-so-good singer, and they answer you honestly, they will probably tell you that it is the only reason they have a chance of being on the radio at all. More important, if you ask the record-listening public, they have no idea what you mean. Well, that is changing…

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