Get Spotify For Free In North America In 5 Steps

This is a guest post by Voyno of The New Rockstar Philosophy.

image from Have you heard the rumors? Spotify is available in North America. Yes THE Spotify, the service that was supposed to save the industry. While I'm not so sure about saving the entire music industry, I can attest to how slick and user friendly Spotify is.

But how? How did I get this amazing Europe-only music service as a land locked North American?

Well Business Insider has a quick and easy summary in their How To section:

  1. First, you'll need a UK-based proxy server. Go to and enter this URL into the bar on the site: and click Go.
  2. Now you'll be taken to the Spotify registration page. You can see Dave Proxy running in the banner at the top. That means Spotify thinks you are visiting the site from a UK computer. Click "Try Spotify Now" to get started.
  3. Choose your user name and password. Then click "Go to the next step"
  4. Now comes the tricky part. You have to stretch the truth about your actual location and provide a real UK postal code. We did the work and found one for you. Use "W21EG" and fill out the rest of the form.
  5. Now choose the "Open" plan,
  6. Download the program,
  7. Launch it and start enjoying life like a European. Ooooh soooo musical. (Via Business Insider)

NOTE: When I was using Dave Proxy the first few times I was kicked off Spotify servers back to Dave Proxy's main page. Why? I don't know son, I'm not a net whiz, but the important part is that I kept trying. In fact I tried 3 solid times, getting further into the process each time. So if you're thwarted the first time KEEP TRYING.

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Kyle Bylin: When this came out, I tried it too. However, I had less then stellar results. It messed up by wireless network, possibly due to security settings.

After spending 2 hours with customer service, I haven't been brave enough to attempt this Spotify crack again. Also, help send Voyno and Hoover to SXSW!

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