Flowd Network Pushes Into U.S., Adds Mike Johns For Hip Hop Outreach

Flowd-loSince our first look at Flowd, back in July, the mobile "Music Lovers' Social Network" has been expanding genres and making moves in the U.S.  With an official Stateside launch and the appointment of Mike Johns for hip hop outreach, the question of whether or not they can achieve critical mass remains to be answered.

We Are The Ocean on Using Flowd

When I first wrote about Flowd, they were a European-centered primarily mobile social music network with a lot of electronic artists. Now they've hopped the pond and are expanding their artistic range though their Artist TOP 10 remains Trance and Electronica heavy.

In a recent announcement, Flowd shared the things that have been keeping them busy including supporting artists using Flowd to connect with their fanbase. For example, We Are The Ocean, shown in the video above, used Flowd for check-ins and invited the first 5 fans to hang out before the show. They have continued to build fan relationships via Flowd.

Flowd also announced the appointment of Mike Johns, perhaps best known for Urban World Wireless, who will be promoting within the hip hop community and will "develop mobile social media campaigns for major U.S. hip-hop acts."

Though you can get a sense of what Flowd is about from their website, the core experience is mobile. Like Superglued, they appear to have a ways to go to reach a true critical mass.

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