Five Rules For How To Make Media Go Viral

image from As music marketing manager, you have probably headdesked yourself more times than you’ve celebrated the event of your media going viral. More likely yet, you have probably never had anything go truly viral—ever. Here to help, Jonah Peretti, CEO of BuzzFeed, has outlined his five rules for making things go viral. The rules are:

  1. Create media for the Bored At Work Network: Ironically, this seems what I’m doing right now; the music tech community at Hypebot is unintentionally powered by this principle. Who else is going to tweet links and comment on our stories? Though I’d argue we pack in a bit more of an education component than those cat videos you’ve been watching lately.
  2. The Mullet Strategy: Business up front, party on the back. On your band site, keep the front page serious so you don’t scare off the casuals, but still give all your true fans a little space to hang out in the back.
  3. Try Big Seed Marketing: “Buy the seed, get the viral for free,” Peretti writes. This concept isn't as actionable for artists and marketers because neither has the money needed to seed the latest music video.
  4. Target The Maniacs: Couch potatoes aren’t going to spread your music, but the maniacs will talk about it all day. "Content is more viral if it helps people express their personality disorders,” Peretti notes.
  5. Be A Mormon, Not A Jew: Mormonism is a growing religion, yet Judaism is languishing in terms of new members. "The problem with Jews is that they suck at marketing,” Peretti. explains further  ”It’s almost like they don’t want anyone else to be a Jew.” For years, now major labels have proven that it’s not the quality of the music that counts, it is how much effort and millions of dollars you putting into spreading it.  Ke$ha.

Source: TechCrunch.


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