Five from Five – Feb 20th, 2015


Five articles from five days in the music industry.


The times they are a changin’ – Bob Dylan.

This industry changes rapidly. Too rapidly at times. Below are a few shifts in the business that may be interesting to both the old and new guards.

  • New cities are emerging as music meccas.
  • New companies are rethinking what music and the music business should be and do. Not surprisingly it isn’t all about music.
  • Interestingly, we’ve come full circle. The people behind the scenes are running the show again, no more lone “Swifty”. Now, as powerhouse media companies.
  • And one more slightly off topic article that may be a little uncomfortable for you young go-getters in the audience.

The Top 10 Best Emerging Cities for Music – For most intents and purposes, the music industry is constrained to New York City and Los Angeles. While both cities have rightfully established themselves as the leading musical locales, there are a number of up-and-coming cities with their own scenes that are worth keeping an eye on.

The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 In Music – Fast Company. From Beyonce to Big Data, the artists and “Suits” keeping the beat.

5 not-so-obvious ways for you to make money from your music – Performer Magazine. You’ve probably seen many lists outlining revenue opportunities. Here’s a little twist on not just learning what they are, but also how to utilize them. We present: 5 Not-So-Obvious Revenue Tips For Musicians

Why Artists Managers are taking Center Stage – cuepoint. The evolution of the music industry is putting greater power into the hands of top artist managers and transforming their firms—traditionally very small, behind-the-scenes operations—into miniature conglomerates operating across media, tech, and consumer brands.

And a little something for your well-being.

In Praise of Limits – Instead of unlimited time online and on the phone, what if you limited yourself to two hours a day, not including time spent on work tasks? You’d now have space in your life for other things: exercise, reading, meditation, cooking healthy food, cuddling with loved ones, [and creating great art].

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