CrazyEye client, Facts on File, “Discovered” in FILTER Magazine

I mastered Facts on Files upcoming album back in October with Joseph White (vocals, bass). This was a really fun project to work on. Not only because Joseph is one of the nicest artists out there, but also because the material is exactly as described by the author of the article…

“The trio crafts songs that modernize 60s garage rock and 1970s New York punk, putting a spin on pop structure that draws comparisons to Talking Heads, Gang of Four and The Cars, with hints of Suicide and a synth-free Devo.”

Facts on File
Facts on File, Mastered by Dave Lopez @ CrazyEye Music Services.

This record is really going to make some noise when it’s released in March 2012 so keep your ears open for it.

You can read the full article at – Discover The Undiscovered: Facts On File.

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