Facebook And Spotify Partner For New Streaming Music Service

image from www.google.com Facebook and Spotify are partnering on a streaming music service that could launch as early as next month in countries where the music site has deal, according to Forbes. The association is part of Facebook's long term strategy to become an essential hub for its users - messaging, email, news movies and now music. 


Facebook users will see a Spotify icon appear on the left side of their newsfeed, according to sources. Click on it and the Spotify will install on their desktop much like it does for current Spotify users. The app will, however, run in the background and allow users access to Spotify’s library only through Facebook. Whether limits will be set on listening, as with Spotify's current free service in Europe isn't clear, But  a feature that allows Facebook users to also listen to music simultaneously with their friends is being tested along with the rest of the service, according to one source.

For now, however, this new service is unlikely to be available in the US.  Spotify does not yet have licensing deals completed here; though this Facebook tie-in could change that. Record labels have always wanted more access to the social network's tens of millions of U.S. music fans; and Spotify can give it to them.

Spotify in Facebook's news feed was predicted by former Hypebot Editor and Billboard staffer Kyle Bylin on Music Think Tank back in January:

"One day, there will be a NewsFeed in Facebook dedicated to music, powered by Spotify. It will have a player that allows you to stream your music updates while you check out your other messages. One day, Facebook will have a killer music section. Why? It’s simple.
Time spent on site. Music is the best way to increase the amount of time that users spend on Facebook. When Mark Zuckerberg talks about reforming the content industries in five years, this is what he means. Music is vital to making people stay on Facebook longer."

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