exfm Expands From Browser Extension To Social Music Discovery Platform

Exfm-logoexfm began life as a Google Chrome extension called ExtensionFM. Now the open web MP3-fueled "social music discovery platform" has a nice website, mobile options, more browser extensions and an embeddable player. No, they can't play audio from YouTube or from your desktop, but, all in all, it's shaping up to be a great service.

exfm has been growing steadily from a simple browser extension to a suite of offerings all designed to help you find and enjoy music and interact with others if you're so inclined. Though you can find music by following other members, there are a wide range of options for discovering new music, from a site of the day to featured albums to a monthly mixtape, that rely on users whether or not you build an on-site network.

The site options are nice but exfm's status as a tool for finding music on the open web began with a browser extension and that continues to be an important part of the service with options now available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari though they're hard to find on the site. I only knew about the Safari extension because The Next Web mentioned it.

In any case, the browser extensions do some nice things like identifying all the songs on a webpage and providing a player for those songs. They also are included in your Sites' history which can get to be a big list pretty quickly though it maxes out at 1,000.

I was hoping to add an exfm Player to this post to see how it worked but haven't been able to get one working on Typepad.  However they are available for use on blogs and websites.

exfm has also been developing for Android and the iPhone. It's a free app and you can also get a look at a number of YouTube videos of the iPhone app's features.

exfm has a longstanding interest in music blogs. If you've got one, you can be considered for the Site of the Day.

You can find out more about the early days of exfm or check out a Hypebot interview with exfm Founder and COO Charles Smith.

Hypebot contributor Clyde Smith is a freelance writer and blogger. He blogs about web business models at Flux Research and the world of dance at All World Dance. To suggest music services and related topics for review at Hypebot, please contact: clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com.

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