Every Second of Every Day is a New World

The world is constantly changing, every second of every day.  By world, I mean all aspects of our planet but for the context of this post I want to focus particularly on civilization.  Here’s the logic:  Each individual human is constantly learning and growing from birth through death.  It may be subtle but  think of lessons you learned today that will affect you tomorrow.  It’s happening to you continuously.  Since each individual is constantly changing we can deduce that each organized collective of humans (businesses, non-profits, organizations, schools) is constantly changing as it is a reflection of its parts.  Therefore if each collective is constantly changing and civilization is the aggregate of collectives then civilization is constantly changing.

Every second of every day is a new world, different from the one just a moment ago and vastly different than the one yesterday.  It’s hard for us to perceive this since we are in it every moment, just like it is hard for us to notice our children or parents getting older; it appears to happen gradually but it is moving and changing nonetheless.  I imagine civilization like an amoeba- advancing slowly in various directions until it finds its way and the mass follows.

If our civilization is completely fluid then who decides which direction it moves in?  Does it come from the top down with government and big corporations calling the shots?  It’s easy to think so and many people do.  But if you go through the logic in the first paragraph you’ll see that civilization is merely made up of individuals.  That means if you want to find out how civilization moves and in which direction it moves, look no further than the mirror.  Every day you live out your vision of civilization.  If you want to see it move in a different direction then just go that direction.

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