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This post is about a book I wrote that I want to give to you.  I hope you read this post but if you just want the book you can get it here.

Great businesses tend to have great systems at work, many times as the foundation of the business.  Having a system as a foundation provides an economic engine and allows for more time to innovate on the higher levels of the business.  Of course, a system can always go through improvement and innovation in its own right.

In the music business we have been going through a significant shift.  One of the biggest changes is that the primary revenue stream for most artists is now the live show (touring).  For all of the income made in touring there isn’t a shared understanding of how to make a show great (from the business side).  Feeling the need to have a system that incorporated best marketing practices and a timeline for how to carry out these tasks, The Artist Farm created a tour marketing system.  The results (in current form) took several years of testing to hone.  I wrote a book on this system called “Squeezing The Show” which I’d like to give to you now.  All I ask in return is that you email me your feedback and thoughts.  If it changes your life (and it may), I’d like to know.  If you hate it (and you may), please let me know.

This book is written for artists and managers but I think the following people will find it useful:

Anyone in the music business

  • Managers (use it as a manual to train your new hires, learn some tricks yourself)
  • Self-Managed artists (learn how to market your shows and get more people)
  • Agents (use it for your self-managed artists, pick up some ideas of how managers work)
  • Record Labels (doing 360 deals and want to know how to service touring?)

Anyone who has an event based business (the timeline tasklist idea is universal for event businesses)

  • Photographer, Craft makers, Painters who participate in art shows
  • Caterers
  • Speakers/Lecturers

You can download the .pdf here and if you have the need for the toolkit, drop me an email (ben(at)theartistfarm.com) and I will send it to you.


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