Crowdbands: A Fan-Sourced Record Label – Fans Buy-In and Help Make Creative Decisions

Dfd4 Crowdbands is a fan-sourced record label that lets fans in on discussions and creative decisions surrounding the release of an album. Currently, The Donnas have partnered up with the site and are letting fans determine the nature of a partnership between them and Joan Jett. Should The Donnas record one of her classics or should they make an original with Jett? It's your choice.

If that is, you're a fan that's willing to pay the membership fee of $25 per year.

If so, you'll get to make the call. Also, you'll get artist albums at no extra charge, get to vote on decisions, and gain access to members-only events with the band, among other perks. Starting off, Crowdbands will only feature unsigned bands, ones that are established and are still in their "creative prime", but lack a label.

"This decision could be a failing when it comes to building out a business, in our opinion, as bands of the nature... aren't exactly tumbling out of trees," writes Brenna Ehrlich at Mashable. "It could benefit the service in the long run to include more lesser-known (though talented acts) that fans could then propel to stardom through their involvement on the site." After all, she adds, this business model has worked for Kickstarter, and they could to it flourishing on Crowdbands too.

As one commenter put it, Crowdbands is like Sellaband meets Stereofame.

Having just launched, there aren't too many decisions for fans to vote on, but in time, there could be some interesting input to be had. Don't worry though, fans won't be able to won't on things unless you give them permission to. It's not like they'll be taking over your band and YELLING at you in the comments that they don't hear the single. Nope, they'll just help you pick a producer and how many songs should be on the album. Maybe, they'll vote on where you should tour too.

Here, Brett Anderson, the vocalist for The Donnas, talks about Crowdbands:

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