Creative Music Merch From Talain Rayne & Pink Floyd

Pink-floyd-merchAs revenue from sales of music continues its ups and downs, music merch only increases in importance. But music merch isn't just about having more stuff to sell. Band-related items provide a way for fans to remain connected to musicians, even when they're not listening to music, while creating both offline and online revenue streams. Here are some creative ideas for music merch from Talain Rayne and Pink Floyd.

Talain Rayne Merch Table

Music marketing blog grassrootsy recently took a look at Talain Rayne's merch setup including a table tour in the video above. Unique ideas include art made from vinyl and fortune cookies with Talain Rayne lyrics.

grassrootsy has also spotlighted merch setups by MC Till and REILLY.

Pink Floyd's "Wish Your Were Here" Immersion Box Set

Bundling extras with your CD or DVD releases is definitely a formula for success. Pink Floyd's "Wish Your Were Here" Immersion Box Set is an impressive example of what you can do when you're a big act with a fanbase that includes numerous hardcore collectors.

In addition to 2 CDs, 2 DVDs and a Blu-ray disc, the box set includes:

40 page 27cm x 27cm booklet designed by Storm Thorgerson
Exclusive photo book edited by Jill Furmanovsky
27cm x 27cm Exclusive Storm Thorgerson Art Print
5 Collectors’ Cards featuring art and comments by Storm Thorgerson
Replica of Wish You Were Here Tour Ticket
Replica of Wish You Were Here Backstage Pass
3 Clear marbles
9 Coasters featuring early Storm Thorgerson design sketches
12 page credits booklet

Scott Thill has more background on the release at Wired including a video that shows all the contents of the box set.

While certain items, such as tshirts and posters, are likely to maintain their status as core music merch items, thinking creatively can not only help your sales but be a way to extend your art into physical realms.

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