Coldplay, Tom Waits Say NO To Spotify, All Streaming

image from and Tom Waits are the latest and most high profile artists to join the anti-music streaming movement.  New releases by both Coldplay and Waits will reportedly be kept of all streaming music services including Spotify, Rhapsody, Rdio and others. Some major artists like Adele and Pink Floyd are available on some services and not others.

Coldplay's label, EMI is "embarrassed" by the band's decision to not allow streaming, according to Greg Sandoval of CNet. The band reportedly won't stream because they believe the "Mylo Xyloto" album should be heard as one cohesive work rather than as singles.

A slowly growing number of other artists each have their own reasons for not jumping on the streaming bandwagon.  Avant cellist Zoe Keating is anti-Spotify because it's giving indies a smaller cut than major labels. In a recent This Week In Music interview, Joe Purdy manager Brian Klien expressed concerned that revenue from streaming won't replace lost sales, and said he's taking a wait and see attitude. Spotify's facilitation of music discovery is less of an issue for Purdy, says Klein, who streams his music free on his own web site. 

How does Spotify answer these compliants? "We have strong support from the music industry," Spotify has said in previous statement. "We of course respect the decision of any artist who chooses not to have their music on Spotify for whatever reason. We do however hope that they will change their minds as we believe that the Spotify model is adding, and will continue to add, huge value to the music industry. Right now we have already convinced millions of consumers to pay for music again, and that they are generating real revenue for the music business."

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