Choosing the best mic for Voiceover

Best voiceover mic-U87 & U47

If you are a Voiceover artist, what’s your first major investment? If you answered a high-quality microphone, then you are correct!

Frank Verderosa at Pro Sound News can confirm this because he just wrote a great article that walks newcomers through what makes a great VO mic a great investment.

Here’s a blurb from Frank…

“What do you do if you’re a working voice actor in a big city, and all of the studios you visit to do your work are temporarily closed? While some actors already had solid home setups at the start of 2020’s lockdown, most had cheap USB mics which had previously been just for auditions. Bad-sounding audio has never served anyone well, even at the audition level, but it was forgivable since on the day of the job, the actor would be in the studio in front of a professional voiceover microphone. With that scenario off the table, however, VO artists were suddenly scrambling to get “broadcast quality” from home.”

He has more info at

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