Change Small, Share Big!

You make small changes in your life – to get more balanced or centered, to overcome your fears, to love and give more freely.  You make small changes in your work – to become happier, more involved, and more fulfilled.  You make small changes in your community to strengthen it and bring you closer to it.

These changes come in small doses.  These seem small, after all these are just changes in your life and you are small compared to the whole world.  But then again, you are a part of the world and if you’ve changed then the world has changed in some small way.  There is a ripple effect, however subtle and silent it may seem.

As the changer, pay attention to what works and why, what doesn’t work and why.  Then share your results.  Share the results with those around you in your actions and words.  And just as importantly, share it with the world through the internet – a blog, a social network, a focused community message board, facebook, or your website.  Contribute positive solutions and realizations back into the conversation.

Given our current ability to share information around the world instantaneously, it has never been more clear that big changes start small.  Other people in the conversation can and will integrate and develop your findings and publish their results.  Through this the process of change will continue.  Though we are disassociated geographically, collectively we can build off of each others successes through shared and archived information.

The new world we are building is designed around 1) making small changes in small places 2) honoring those changes as significant however small they seem 3) and sharing the results through a big network (the internet).  The whole world can now benefit from experiments of small change that happen in your small corner of the world.

“Change Small, Share Big!”  It’s a beautiful thing.  Spread the word.

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