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The music landscape has changed drastically over the past two decade. It’s so intertwined with technology that it deserves a new label (pun intended). We refer to it as Record Label 2.0. Virtual mixing and mastering services like CrazyEye Music Services, music distribution through Amazon, iTunes or on flash drives, online recording collaboration and much more can be found in here.

Gosh, I Sound Great!

Nathaniel Kunkel InSession: Gosh, I Sound Great!

I love Nathaniel's article in Electronic Musician magazine. When it comes in I'll usually jump to the end (his is the very last article in each issue) and start there. This one is particularly good because it's his view on how the industry has learned to honor "artists" who use Auto-Tune and/or Melodyne. I think the comment "...they forgot about one important issue: they were lying to their customers." really sums it up. Enjoy!

from Electronic Musician Magazine.

Auto-Tune and Melodyne: if you ask a well-respected singer, they are four-letter words. If you ask a not-so-good singer, and they answer you honestly, they will probably tell you that it is the only reason they have a chance of being on the radio at all. More important, if you ask the record-listening public, they have no idea what you mean. Well, that is changing...

Read the entire article here

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Tinnitus cure ‘is a step closer’

from BBC News

Scientists believe they are a step closer to curing tinnitus after they have found what could be the root cause of ringing in the ears.

Studies show hearing loss can go hand-in-hand with over-excitable nerves within brain areas that process sound. This uncontrolled nerve activity causes the noises that plague people with tinnitus and appears to be down to gene changes, Neuroscience reports. And it raises the hope of treatment by silencing nerve activity, experts say.

Read the entire article here

Prince has the right idea.

This is exactly where I think the future of making money in the music industry is going. I've been thinking for some time now how new artists are going to make money doing music. With CD sales dwindling, there has to be better way. A way that harnesses the power and speed of the internet. I think this model by Prince is certainly heading in the right direction. I wonder if he'll ask me to take it down?

After a year of diligently working to scrub the Internet of all unauthorized related music, photos, video and any other content not offered directly by him, Prince has launched a fan subscription service called Lotusflow3r.com (http://www.lotusflow3r.com/).

Read the entire article here

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Studio Projects C1 Mic

The Studio Projects C1 Microphone is a GREAT mic for the money!  I wasn’t sure about ordering one of these C1’s until after I tried out their Studio Projects B1 mic which was a very nice mic.  The comparisons of the C1 to the Neumann 87 are somewhat accurate, who is really going to ever say […]


#1 If you are an Oud player just starting out and have purchased a really nice Oud, remember to always keep your finger nails manicured /trimmed so they do not damage the fingerboard of the Oud.  If your finger nails are long they will actually slice into the wood (ebony, etc) and create small grooves […]

Kutiman Killed the Video Star

From TechCrunch.com

If you haven’t heard of Kutiman yet you’re about a week late on the latest music sensation to be incubated on the Web. Ophir Kutiel, aka Kutiman, is an Israeli musician and producer that released a project titled Thru You on the Web seven days ago. It has since garnered over a million views and generated a buzz both on the blogosphere and on Twitter.

Read the entire article here

Make sure to go to Thru-You to see all of his work. Also, check out the About video to see how he creates his art. Very cool!

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