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The music landscape has changed drastically over the past two decade. It’s so intertwined with technology that it deserves a new label (pun intended). We refer to it as Record Label 2.0. Virtual mixing and mastering services like CrazyEye Music Services, music distribution through Amazon, iTunes or on flash drives, online recording collaboration and much more can be found in here.

The Most Selfish Post I’ve Ever Written

I have played many roles as an artist and worn many hats in business over the last twenty years in the music industry. I reflect here today to give you a background on why I write this blog and also to ask your opinion on a very important question. This question isn’t rhetorical and I […]

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Mickey Factz – “Flying Balloons” (Prod. by Cookin Soul)

Chances are you have seen the classic, “3 Feet High and Rising” album cover from hip-hop vagabonds, De La Soul. Just recently, blatant blogger,  Nahright and budding producer, Cookin Soul, got together to create their own collection of meaningful hip hop music.  For all the grief I give to the rap game, hearing this record, […]

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Outsourcing: 5 Ways to Lighten your Load

I struggled with the idea of posting this blog only because these companies essentially do what I do. My passion is helping musicians, recording artists and music start ups navigate through the winding terrain of the music business. This post will unveil some of the online outsourcing strategies (other than DIY) to juggle the many […]

Should brands be sponsoring artists?

Being that my day job is in the advertising industry I've heard a lot of talk over the last year or so about brands becoming music labels. Basically the idea is to sponsor an artist in one form or another. Some examples may be to use these artist songs in broadcast advertising or have the brand sponsor their artists tour.

I have to say that when I first heard this I was very skeptical that it would ever work. But that's why I don't work on the ad side, I work on the technology side. That being said, here's a concept being put into place today by Microsoft. I'm still not sure it will work, but someone is betting a bunch of money that it will.


Audio has gone digital. Get over it.

There has been a lot of chatter from Audiophiles lately about how the quality of compressed digital audio is far less superior than analog. This, along with the loudness wars (which I am not going to get into today), is apparently ruining the listening experience. I have three words for these people...


We are at the beginning of a major paradigm shift in audio formats and you better come along for the ride or you're going to be left by the wayside. Very few people listen to music on a "hi-fi" system while sitting on a couch in their living room these days. Unfortunately, for the time being, those $50 speakers connected to your computer are the most common reference monitors in the world. It's sad, yes, but it is the reality. So if we can all stop complaining and work together to get through this change I think we'll have a much better audio solution when we come out on the other side.

This, of course, is my opinion. What do you think?

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The Triumph of Twitter: How To Make $19K in 10 Hours

Success stories continue to pour in day after day about the triumphs of musicians on Twitter. Its refreshing to know that with all of the uproar regarding free music, RIAA lawsuits and the death of the major label deal, that some artists are still becoming profitable. Let me not get ahead of myself, because success […]

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How much would you pay for a T-SHIRT that comes with a full ALBUM download?

An ingenious idea to combine music with fashion came to a head this week, when Actor/Rapper, Mos Def announce plans to release his upcoming album via a download code on the hang tag of a T-shirt. How much would you pay for this? Just curious

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