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The music landscape has changed drastically over the past two decade. It’s so intertwined with technology that it deserves a new label (pun intended). We refer to it as Record Label 2.0. Virtual mixing and mastering services like CrazyEye Music Services, music distribution through Amazon, iTunes or on flash drives, online recording collaboration and much more can be found in here.

Musicians. How can I help you?

My services include mixing and mastering, but I'd like to get involved in artist development, marketing and really anything I can do to help you get your career launched. Here are some questions for you...

  • Where are you struggling?
  • How can I help?

Feel free to contact me at crazyeye@crazyeye.comdavelopez@mac.com or any of my social profiles to the left.

Happy music making...

EP’s are where it’s going.

For some time now I've been conceptualizing about how to create a better record label. I won't go into everything about my business model, but a big part of this new label will be to do away with the LP format (long play with 13-16 songs) and release more EP's throughout the year.

Wouldn't it be great to put out an EP and then taylor your next EP to what the reaction of your fans has been? In a sense you will be making custom albums for your fan base! That's a new approach in an old industry that doesn't like change.

Well, it seems that I'm in good company. Thom Yorke has announced that Radiohead will stop making LP's and focus on singles. I like this idea. I like it a lot!

You can read the article from the New York Time here.

Top 3 Reasons to Sell Your Soul for 99 Cents

I’ve written a ton of articles about how to do things in the music business, but have very rarely written about why we do what we do. I’ve taken the time recently to ponder why I’ve chosen this profession and its high time that you do the same. Here are three of the main reasons […]

Pollyn – “Gave it Up”

When I hear bands like this I often feel sorry for the radio addicted generation who may never discover true creativity. Outside of cliche love songs and shake your bon bon beats, lies a much more interesting world. One in which this threesome lives. I refuse to classify them into one particular genre, because their […]

Camp Lo – “Summer Love”

This group always makes me smile. No matter what BBQ you hit this summer, if their 90’s hit, “Lucini” isn’t playing at some point, you are at the wrong party. I found a new joint by the flashy duo over at Nahright recently. Same silky smooth flow over a Smokin’ Apples produced beat, puts me […]

The Most Selfish Post I’ve Ever Written

I have played many roles as an artist and worn many hats in business over the last twenty years in the music industry. I reflect here today to give you a background on why I write this blog and also to ask your opinion on a very important question. This question isn’t rhetorical and I […]

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