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Below you’ll find posts that deal with how musicians be better at marketing their art. Whether it’s shows, merch, music, etc. It can all be found in Music Marketing.

Jennings – “Cling To Me”

Jennings definitely knows what time it is. She loves playing live, connecting with her fans [via social networks and video blogs] and doing handstands to make people buy; the true mark of a successful artist in today’s segmented music market. When I hear talent like this I sorta feel sorry for the people who only listen to […]

Which Way Does Your Cash Flow?

When I was a child my parents would constantly remind me that I had a poor concept of money. Thankfully my overhead was low enough that spending all of my paper route money didn’t leave me out on the street. Insert rent, car payment, food and a wireless phone bill and suddenly, I had BIG […]

Tha Boogie – “I See U”

I ran across this threesome out of Rancho Cucamanga by pure accident. The trend towards post popular throw back continues to emerge from ear’s close enough to the ground. If you follow my blog you know I’m all over the place when it comes to musical selections, but this group mentored by my mentor, Raphael […]

Pink Dollaz – “Don’t Need No”

Don’t have anything to do this Friday night? Take a trip with me to LA to see the soft brown, hardcore girl group, “Pink Dollaz” @ Kia’s, The Soul Collective. Right in line with my favorite producer, Diplo, these chicks will make your head bang like it was 1984.

Comparing PD’z to JJ Fad is liking pitting James Brown and Michael Jackson against each other. No one looses.

The Difference Between You & an American Idol

I speak to musicians everyday who desperatley want to become famous, sell millions of records and pack arenas. Once in awhile I have a chance to chat with entertainers who have been to the mountain top only to look down at how far they had to fall. The space in between is reserved for those […]

Bottle Up & Go!

Writhing around the filthy stage like a man possessed, lead singer Keenan “Hot Pants” Mitchell of Bottle Up & Go stole the show at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival. I’d heard whispers of these derelicts from other artists and music industry execs, but hadn’t quite bought into the hype until I experienced […]

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