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Below you’ll find posts that deal with how musicians be better at marketing their art. Whether it’s shows, merch, music, etc. It can all be found in Music Marketing.

The Lower Class Musician

For some music is a hobby and that is okay. However, if you plan on feeding your children by touring the Chitlin’ circuit, that’s another thing entirely. When I realized that writing songs for Columbia Records and recording demos with The Fugees wa…

Virgin Top Bloggers: Jet Horns

I can’t wait for the snowy season to end. It’s not that I’m ungreatful for the cold weather, but I’ve long discovered that making snow angels aren’t as amusing as they used to be. Instead I find myself indoors, scouring of the monds of new music on Fairtilizer, praying for that one lonely track to ignite my internal flames. [Not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter]

How The World Discovers New Music

The days of walking into Wall Mart or Target on new release Tuesday are long gone for me. I used to enjoy standing in the isle of my favorite music store, looking at cover art and buying a fourteen dollar piece of plastic. Not anymore. I’ve realized that there is a more cost effective and environmentally friendly way to discover new music…and I’m not alone.

Our Problems Pale In Comparison

The situation is dire in the already poverty stricken country of Haiti today. Rocked by a massive earthquake just years after a major hurricane, the people there desperately need our help.
Lets take a break from our normal routine and lend a helping hand in any way possible. Below is a link to an article […]

Me, Me, Me is BORING!

Write the lyrics, produce the track, record the song…I hope 2010 is the year that music will once again become the centerpiece of your marketing strategy. All of these tasks are self centered, reflective and place a large amount of emphasis on you, the artist. Once the record is complete however, turning your focus toward your audience can pose a signifagnt problem.

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