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Below you’ll find posts that deal with how musicians be better at marketing their art. Whether it’s shows, merch, music, etc. It can all be found in Music Marketing.

Branding For Dummies

When branding comes to mind I think of two things. One that includes catergorizing cattle and the other, a symbol or logo of a large corporation. In essence a brand is the mindshare given to a person place or thing by a selected demographic. In this ca…

Connect with fans

I think we all know that Trent Reznor has done some very cool things for his fans on his own, without a label. Here is a video case study from midem that consolidates all of his efforts into one presentation. What I find most mind boggling is the amount of money he's made from these efforts. And he isn't getting a percentage of this, all of the revenue goes straight to him. I'm really not a fan of Trent or NIN, but this is impressive and he's done an amazing job at turning the industry's business model upside-down.

The Question of the Decade

Although Drake’s story may not be the barometer that every musicians should follow, it still offers a broader implication for today’s overall talent pool. Can a recording artist sustain themselves by selling full length albums alone? The answer in my o…

Wanted: Freelancers | Fairtilizer

We’re moving fast and have a team of super passionate, smart people who pride themselves on exceptional quality work. Our office environment is creative, collaborative and a lot of fun, so if you’re a soon to be music professional with a passion fo…

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