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Below you’ll find posts that deal with how musicians be better at marketing their art. Whether it’s shows, merch, music, etc. It can all be found in Music Marketing.

Alice Russell – “All Alone”

Alice Russell has gained an enviable reputation as one of the hottest singers in the UK right now. Her tracks with the Quantic and Quantic Soul Orchestra projects helped elevate her profile further.
Alice’s lavishly soulful voice is both timeless and up to the minute modern. Live or on record, she always performs with her trademark […]

Preparing Music Business Financial Statements

I’d like to pick up where I left off with my Music Business Template and talk more in depth about how to prepare your financial statements. I’ve seen many new businesses write their entire plan first, then work the numbers last, wrong move. Once you have established the overall business model in your head, START […]

Chin Chin – “GG and The Boys”

Some chill music with some tight instrumentals. They are a band based out of Brooklyn with 10 or so members. You can pretty much do anything while listening to this music. Eat, drink, dance, run, chillax, sex?…possibly

Robin Thicke – “Superman”

I found this bonus track on “The Evolution of Robin Thicke” Deluxe Edition. The record is so good that it doesn’t need an introduction or a flowery review from me to make it so. Just hard to believe that this is Dr. Seavers son, go figure.

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The Liberation of Music

If music is the soundtrack of our lives, shouldn’t it be free? If an artist wants to be well paid for their work, than he or she must earn it, like everyone else, by supplementing their income and finding creative ways to display their talents. For far too long, major corporations have been overcharging for […]

Colby O’Donis – “Hustleman”

In February, Colby attended the 51st Grammy Awards, but he and Lady Gaga did not win. The following month, “Let You Go”, the third single/video from his debut album was released. In July 2009, Colby’s duet with Brooke Hogan, “Hey Yo!” from Brooke Hogan’s sophomore album The Redemption was released as her second single. Colby is currently […]

Steve Stoute: Making Money in Today’s Music Economy

Stoute’s hip hop roots run deep. He grew up in Queens New York and began his career working for Kid ‘N Play. He eventually became a road manager, A&R and a music label executive. He has worked with many artist including Mariah Carey, Eminem, Jay Z, Enrique Iglesias, U2, and most extensively with Mary J. […]

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