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Mixing is where all the musical spices of the music recipe come together. As in cooking, if the balance is just right the results are a sonic delicacy. I don’t know why I’m using cooking references here, but my point is that, to me, mixing is where the track really comes to life. Inside Audio Mixing we have lots of articles to help you get the most out of your mixes.

The concept of FREE.


It may not be glaringly obvious, but my real mission right now is to help musical artists launch their careers. I want to help musicians who don't have much experience or much money get a better handle on their sound. Since I'm not a manager or agent or record executive my role is to help you make higher quality sounding records. As I read the three sentences above I noticed one word that keeps popping up. That word is "help". Musicians, I want to help you. Really. That's it. So what am I getting at you ask?  I want to talk to you about the concept of FREE.

Chris Anderson, Editor In Chief at WIRED magazine, came out with a book this week titled Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business. But that's not what I'm writing about, yet it is what I'm writing about. Here's my point.

I have offered my services to many, many people for free. FREE! And only a handful of people are willing to take advantage of this offer. Why is that?

I know I'm no Pensado, Maserati, Lord-Alge (Chris or Tom), Marroquin or Tan. But unless you've worked with me and had a really bad experience why wouldn't you take advantage of a free offer? I have to admit that I've only offered this at my place of business - about 1,200 people - but there are A LOT of musicians there yet most do not reply to my ad. So I'm wondering, do most people see free as being synonymous with cheap? If I posted an ad for $75 mastering per song do you think I would get more replies?

What do you think?

Izotope Ozone 4 kicks arse!

In case you are not familiar with Izotope Ozone it's a mastering processing suite made by Izotope. As I just stated, it's made for mastering, but I use it all the time on an insert on channels when I'm mixing.  This app is so sweet and for only $250, in my opinion, it's a steal. You can read all about it and download a fully functioning demo from

Ozone 4

T-Racks 3 Deluxe is the BOMB!

Yes, I did say "the BOMB". And yes I know it isn't 1993 anymore, but these plugins are A-MAZE-ING! Clearly, the only way to describe something so cool is to say "the BOMB".


I started using T-Racks 3 Deluxe on individual channels in mixes and they sound great, but they suck up some serious processing power. So I started using them on my output bus as sort of a pre-mastering tool and man, what a difference! I understand that the deluxe package is a standalone mastering suite, but you can use them anywhere so I chose to reduce my processing overhead by concentrating them to my output. I don't think I will use the package for mastering because I am very partial to Apple's Wave Burner. But this suite will certainly hold a permanent place on my output bus.

Waves Introduces Center Processor

from The Light Sound Journal

Waves Audio introduces Waves Center, an innovative new processor that separates phantom Center audio from side (L/R panned) content. Ideal for final mixes and mastering, Center lets users zero in on the phantom Center and bring out or bring down the vocals without affecting everything else. Perfect for post-production engineers and DJs as well, Center allows users to reposition, isolate and even eliminate elements of a mix.

Read the entire article here

The Monthlies win the Airwalk / SPIN SXSW contest!

Los Angeles, CA

The Monthlies are a band that I have been working with since late Feb '08. They are an extremely hard working outfit that plays out and promotes themselves more than any other unsigned act I've ever worked with. They are amazingly talented and have a very unique sound that leans toward an Indie style, but with a fresh Pop twist. It seems I wasn't the only one to appreciate this band because they are the winners of the  Airwalk Unsigned Hero contest. The Grand Prize is cash, gear and a spot playing on the SPIN stage at SXSW 2009! The track they submitted, Hip Girl, is also the featured track on Airwalk website - it's the very first track that plays.

If you want to read more about the band read their bio following this post. If you want to hear the winning single click on the link below. You won't be disappointed.

Hip Girl
mp3 files


Formed in January of 2007, The Monthlies are a Los Angeles based Indie Rock outfit.  Sometimes dark and loud, other times quite poppy and breezy, The Monthlies are always deeply melodic and memorable.  Playing in and around LA just about every week, the band has quickly earned a reputation for energetic live performances - partly because their singer likes to make up lyrics on the spot and partly because their drummer sweats a lot. Unique to their genre (and most other genres as well), The Monthlies have a female lead guitarist who gracefully works her pedal board in four-inch heels.Often drawing comparisons to Death Cab for Cutie, Muse, Pixies and The Plimsouls, early Monthlies recordings have already been featured on MTV2 News, and the Documentary, YOUNG WIDOW: Naked in the Memorial Playground.  You’ll even hear The Monthlies warming up (yes, warming up) in the upcoming Rock Band Video Game commercial!The Monthlies are thrilled to have just recorded their first album.  They are currently deep in the mixing process and hope to release their album by late summer.  Despite their name, The Monthlies are actually 3 guys and a gal: Wes O’Lee on vocals and rhythm guitar, Jana Bonderman noodling lead guitar, Nick Miller pounding the skins and Chris Hall playing bass and singing back-up vocals.  Feel free to contact The Monthlies at

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