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Mastering is still an afterthought for many musicians. It’s a critical part to the recording process yet most musicians think they can do it themselves or worse, skip it altogether. Inside Audio Mastering you’ll find lots of information about this mysterious process.

“Look out”, The Ross Sea Party aired on ABC’s Private Practice.

The Ross Sea Party, a CrazyEye Music Service mastering client.
Featured on ABC's Private Practice

On March 15th CrazyEye Music Services mastering client, The Ross Sea Party had their song "Look Out" featured on ABC's hit show, Private Practice.

This is huge for the LA based group of "five friends who wanted to transcend the disconnected and nonsensical nature of life in the city to create something consequential, the band embarked with hollow-body guitars, well-tuned drums, and a glockenspiel."

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Blackwater Jukebox #4 on Berkeley Place’s Top 10 Indie songs of 2011

CrazyEye client, Blackwater Jukebox

CrazyEye mastering client, Blackwater Jukebox gets #4 on Berkeley Place Blog for Top 10 Indie EP and Singles for 2011 for the EP Banjos and Breakbeats.

I've done many projects with Geordie McElroy, the leader (and sole member for that matter) for Blackwater Jukebox, but this one was our first together. His style is very unique and extremely interesting. He once told me "It's like electro/funk/banjo mixed with breakbeats", but I think this description from his site sums it up nicely...

"Imagine the sound of Pete Seeger and the RZA in a switchblade fight in the catacombs under a decaying medina."

Yup, that's about right. If you'd like to hear more of Blackwater Jukebox you can head over to his Bandcamp page and listen to Banjos and Breakbeats as well as the Eastside Girl single and the Moonshiner EP. If you're into new music - like really new - both are worth a listen.

By the way, how great is the Banjos and Breakbeats cover art!? How does it relate to the title of the EP? Heck, I don't know. That's something you'll have to ask Geordie.

Show Dates:
If you're in LA you can catch him twice through the end of January. Once on Dec 30 at Lot 1 Cafe  and again on Jan 28 at  Silverlake Lounge.

CrazyEye client, Facts on File, “Discovered” in FILTER Magazine

I mastered Facts on Files upcoming album back in October with Joseph White (vocals, bass). This was a really fun project to work on. Not only because Joseph is one of the nicest artists out there, but also because the material is exactly as described by the author of the article...

"The trio crafts songs that modernize 60s garage rock and 1970s New York punk, putting a spin on pop structure that draws comparisons to Talking Heads, Gang of Four and The Cars, with hints of Suicide and a synth-free Devo."

Facts on File
Facts on File, Mastered by Dave Lopez @ CrazyEye Music Services.

This record is really going to make some noise when it's released in March 2012 so keep your ears open for it.

You can read the full article at - Discover The Undiscovered: Facts On File.

The Monthlies – Come on Eileen

For about two years now I've been working with a fantastic LA based indie/pop band named The Monthlies. Over the past few weeks we've been putting the finishing touches on their upcoming EP titled "Horror Flick", which will include a very cool version of Dexys Midnight Runner's 'Come on Eileen'. If you search YouTube for this song you will see that several groups have covered it, but most versions are similar to the original. Not this one!

The Monthlies, in doing what they do best, have put their own unique spin on this 80's pop standard. I won't say much about what you're going to hear other than if you are expecting an updated rehashing of the Dexys version you're in for a big surprise. We hope you enjoy The Monthlies version of 'Come on Eileen' and please leave a comment below if you'd like to share your thoughts with the band.

[audio:Come_on_Eileen_web.mp3|titles=The Monthlies - Come on Eileen]

The Monthlies are...
Wes O'lee - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Jana Bonderman - Lead Guitar
Chris Hall - Bass, Backing Vocals
Nick Miller - Drums

If you like what you hear check out their MySpace page for more songs and a video of their last single, Hip Girl.

The concept of FREE.


It may not be glaringly obvious, but my real mission right now is to help musical artists launch their careers. I want to help musicians who don't have much experience or much money get a better handle on their sound. Since I'm not a manager or agent or record executive my role is to help you make higher quality sounding records. As I read the three sentences above I noticed one word that keeps popping up. That word is "help". Musicians, I want to help you. Really. That's it. So what am I getting at you ask?  I want to talk to you about the concept of FREE.

Chris Anderson, Editor In Chief at WIRED magazine, came out with a book this week titled Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business. But that's not what I'm writing about, yet it is what I'm writing about. Here's my point.

I have offered my services to many, many people for free. FREE! And only a handful of people are willing to take advantage of this offer. Why is that?

I know I'm no Pensado, Maserati, Lord-Alge (Chris or Tom), Marroquin or Tan. But unless you've worked with me and had a really bad experience why wouldn't you take advantage of a free offer? I have to admit that I've only offered this at my place of business - about 1,200 people - but there are A LOT of musicians there yet most do not reply to my ad. So I'm wondering, do most people see free as being synonymous with cheap? If I posted an ad for $75 mastering per song do you think I would get more replies?

What do you think?

Izotope Ozone 4 kicks arse!

In case you are not familiar with Izotope Ozone it's a mastering processing suite made by Izotope. As I just stated, it's made for mastering, but I use it all the time on an insert on channels when I'm mixing.  This app is so sweet and for only $250, in my opinion, it's a steal. You can read all about it and download a fully functioning demo from

Ozone 4

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