CASH Music’s "Seed" Is Creating Free Digital Tools For Musicians & You Can Help

Seed What WordPress did for bloggers, non-profit CASH Music hopes to do for musicians. They've been creating free open source digital tools for  for several years, and now they are reaching out to artists and the industry to help complete their most ambitious project yet, Seed.

Details, A Video Intro & How You Can Contribute:

Seed is an open-source PHP music marketing and sales platform that anyone can download and install on their own server. It comes with an installer and a user-friendly back-end with functionality that includes: Twitter, Facebook or email for download campaigns, paid downloads using Paypal and Amazon, download codes, live date management, and more. 

They've built it to work well with WordPress and third-party APIs, so it should be easy to do things like link to a SoundCloud account, which is already planned for the 1.0 release. I can envision music loving programmers building all kinds of amazing add-ons and mashups.

Artists like Kristen Hersh and Jonathan Coulton along with forward thinking managers like Emily White and George Howard sit on CASH's board and Jesse von Doom and Buzz Media founder Anthony Batt handle the day to day operations. 

But now they need a little help to move the Seed project forward.  "We’re asking for donations," Jesse wrote on their blog yesterday. "Everyone who donates $100 or more will be able to adopt a file from the Seed code - you’ll get to leave a comment in the code itself and we’ll do a special commit to the project so your comment will be visible in the project history".

Hypebot just donated $100.  Will you? Here's a Seed intro video:

Seed: email-for-download element preview from CASH Music on Vimeo.

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