Bon Jovi Thinks Steve Jobs Is "Personally Responsible For Killing The Music Business."

image from Well, Jon Bon Jovi has learned from his peers how to get press. Just argue that the Internet is destroying rock, liken it to an atomic bomb, or, in this case, declare that, "Steve Jobs is personally responsible for killing the music business." Since Hypebot readers are fully capable of vetting the validly of that quote, I'm going to turn my attention away from that obvious tripe and focus on the other aside Jon made. Get this: He longs for the simpler times when fans bought music based on the hipness of the album cover and only judged the quality of music after the fact. "God, it was a magical, magical time," Jon muses.

If you give Jon the benefit of the doubt, such words can be marked off as him fondly remembering his younger years, buying records, and having to imagine what music sounded like. Then again, through the lens of his older self, i.e. a businessman, that statement could mean that Jon, like many old-school record executives, wished that fans would just fork over their $10-15 and buy his music.

For Jon, that would be a magical (and profitable) time. Luckily, his most recent albums have decent reviews, so one can't say that Jon is jaded by the fact that the Internet made it harder to sell fans bad albums. But, from a fan perspective, it's hard to stomach his statement. Jon is right that albums now lack a certain mystical characteristic. Honestly though, one could also say that Wikipedia is "killing the music business" too. After all, it, not Mr. Jobs, is part of the reason why the mythologies of rock gods are difficult to maintain. Citations and folklore aren't compatible. When you can learn everything about an act in a page scan, groups like Black Sabbath and Kiss lose their evilness. Little is left to imagine.

Of course, social media is killing the music business too. But, Jon might save the headline for the marketing of his next tour, album, or gasp, new music app.

Yes Jon, "App" Store is in fact short for Apple.

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