Silversun Pickups – “Panic Switch”

Like many of you I suppose, many of my friends love to share music with with me. I find it interesting to hear what they deem the soundtrack of their lives and almost always listen with open ears. This track is no exception. Out of a burned copy of about twenty or so songs on […]

Izotope Ozone 4 kicks arse!

In case you are not familiar with Izotope Ozone it's a mastering processing suite made by Izotope. As I just stated, it's made for mastering, but I use it all the time on an insert on channels when I'm mixing.  This app is so sweet and for only $250, in my opinion, it's a steal. You can read all about it and download a fully functioning demo from Izotope.com.

Ozone 4

How To Release an Independent Record: Creating Your Image

Realizing that your public and private persona’s are intertwined will be your best asset in creating a favorable image. Transparency is something that is required if you are to become an artists in today’s internet age. All of your online and offline personalities must work in unison or your fans will get confused about who […]

Cheasleauen – “Off The Glass”

An old friend of a friend first introduced me to this new artist a few weeks back. I was immediately struck by her wittiness and marketablilty and decided to expore her work in more depth. What I found was a cross between Lil’ Kim and Lil’ Wayne without the punchlines that have become so cliche. […]

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Spread Your Love”

I was introduced to this band by a good friend at the local watering hole last night. Although they have been around forever and I pride myself on enjoying all types of music, I had never heard of them before until now. That is the beauty of music, you can always find something new, […]

7 Days to a Productive Career in the Music Business

Day after day we tell ourselves that tomorrow we will take the next step to reaching our goals. We continuously pace back in forth in our mind, juggling tasks, making promises; encouraging ourselves to progress. Yet and still, we look back year after year only to discover that what have achieved is nothing much to […]

Born on This Day: Miles Davis – “So What”

Born: May 26, 1926 | Died: September 28, 1991

Throughout a professional career lasting 50 years, Miles Davis played the trumpet in a lyrical, introspective, and melodic style, often employing a stemless harmon mute to make his sound more personal and intimate. But if his approach to his instrument was constant, his approach to jazz was […]

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