Sam Scarfo ft Prodigy – “Too Much 4 TV”

Two of hip hop’s most hardcore lyricists team up to deliver the lead in track to the star studded movie soundtrack, “A Talent For Trouble“. The film was written and produced by Marvis “Buck 50” Johnson and stars the likes of Hassan Johnson (“The Wire”), Mekhi Phifer (“ER”) and Brandon T. Jackson (“Tropic Thunder”).

Discovery – “So Insane”

So Insane is a meeting of minds between Vampire Weekend’s Rostam and Wes from Ra Ra Riot. It sounds like one of the evangelical moments from the former’s debut album, with a heavy debt to electro eighties pop. It stops and starts and heads off in different directions so many times it sounds like a […]

Top 3 Reasons to Sell Your Soul for 99 Cents

I’ve written a ton of articles about how to do things in the music business, but have very rarely written about why we do what we do. I’ve taken the time recently to ponder why I’ve chosen this profession and its high time that you do the same. Here are three of the main reasons […]

The concept of FREE.


It may not be glaringly obvious, but my real mission right now is to help musical artists launch their careers. I want to help musicians who don't have much experience or much money get a better handle on their sound. Since I'm not a manager or agent or record executive my role is to help you make higher quality sounding records. As I read the three sentences above I noticed one word that keeps popping up. That word is "help". Musicians, I want to help you. Really. That's it. So what am I getting at you ask?  I want to talk to you about the concept of FREE.

Chris Anderson, Editor In Chief at WIRED magazine, came out with a book this week titled Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business. But that's not what I'm writing about, yet it is what I'm writing about. Here's my point.

I have offered my services to many, many people for free. FREE! And only a handful of people are willing to take advantage of this offer. Why is that?

I know I'm no Pensado, Maserati, Lord-Alge (Chris or Tom), Marroquin or Tan. But unless you've worked with me and had a really bad experience why wouldn't you take advantage of a free offer? I have to admit that I've only offered this at my place of business - about 1,200 people - but there are A LOT of musicians there yet most do not reply to my ad. So I'm wondering, do most people see free as being synonymous with cheap? If I posted an ad for $75 mastering per song do you think I would get more replies?

What do you think?

Pollyn – “Gave it Up”

When I hear bands like this I often feel sorry for the radio addicted generation who may never discover true creativity. Outside of cliche love songs and shake your bon bon beats, lies a much more interesting world. One in which this threesome lives. I refuse to classify them into one particular genre, because their […]

Camp Lo – “Summer Love”

This group always makes me smile. No matter what BBQ you hit this summer, if their 90’s hit, “Lucini” isn’t playing at some point, you are at the wrong party. I found a new joint by the flashy duo over at Nahright recently. Same silky smooth flow over a Smokin’ Apples produced beat, puts me […]

The Most Selfish Post I’ve Ever Written

I have played many roles as an artist and worn many hats in business over the last twenty years in the music industry. I reflect here today to give you a background on why I write this blog and also to ask your opinion on a very important question. This question isn’t rhetorical and I […]

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