Blackwater Jukebox #4 on Berkeley Place’s Top 10 Indie songs of 2011

CrazyEye client, Blackwater Jukebox

CrazyEye mastering client, Blackwater Jukebox gets #4 on Berkeley Place Blog for Top 10 Indie EP and Singles for 2011 for the EP Banjos and Breakbeats.

I’ve done many projects with Geordie McElroy, the leader (and sole member for that matter) for Blackwater Jukebox, but this one was our first together. His style is very unique and extremely interesting. He once told me “It’s like electro/funk/banjo mixed with breakbeats”, but I think this description from his site sums it up nicely…

Imagine the sound of Pete Seeger and the RZA in a switchblade fight in the catacombs under a decaying medina.”

Yup, that’s about right. If you’d like to hear more of Blackwater Jukebox you can head over to his Bandcamp page and listen to Banjos and Breakbeats as well as the Eastside Girl single and the Moonshiner EP. If you’re into new music – like really new – both are worth a listen.

By the way, how great is the Banjos and Breakbeats cover art!? How does it relate to the title of the EP? Heck, I don’t know. That’s something you’ll have to ask Geordie.

Show Dates:
If you’re in LA you can catch him twice through the end of January. Once on Dec 30 at Lot 1 Cafe  and again on Jan 28 at  Silverlake Lounge.

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