Big Changes For Midem 2012. MidemLab Startup, Apps Competition Opens

image from As we announced two weeks ago, producer Reed Midem is shifting gears for the 2012 edition of its signature music industry gathering Midem.  In response to a changing industry, the conference is creating an "all-new midem" (new logo to left) that adds more "D.I.Y., technology and brands" to the mix. Gone is popular decade old sub-conference MidemNet, which had become an essential gathering for the global music tech community.

But music tech still plays a central role at Midem. Since tech no longer an industry outlier you'll see traces of MidemNet through out the convention. For example, The Midemlab Startups & App Developers Competition will feature digital innovations in three categories:

  • Music discovery, recommendation & creation
  • Marketing & social engagement
  • Direct to consumer sales and monetizing content

Details on how to enter here.

Reed Midem knows that "music startups and hackers were the talk of midem 2011 and will remain so...", and hopes to broaden participation to include non music-specific services like Kickstarter and tumblr that musicians also use.

Midem is also working to appeal to D.I.Y. artists who previously found a trip to Cannes out of reach and the conference overwhelming.  Artists have been attending gatherings like The New Music Seminar and PopKomm. But Midem hopes to attract their share of a market they estimate at 3 million and growing with "a wealth of tips and advice from the sector’s top experts" and offering a "place for key insight on new ways to reach new consumers and fans (D2F)". The conference is offering special artist pricing 200€ lower than industry attendees.

Connecting music and brands is also at the core of the new Midem. As much as 50% of music revenues could soon come from brands, according to Midem; and they hope be at the center of that shift. "Our Brands category will cover not only sync/music for images, but all types of new music+brand interactions," according to the revamped midemblog.

A new  concert series and music festival will also provide more performance opportunities during the convention.

Watch the official "midem 2012: connected by music" video: