Bandsintown Debuts Facebook Tour Date App

6a00d8341c630a53ef0133ed758766970b-800wi In the past few months, Bandsintown has quietly been expanding its presence among artists and live music fans on Facebook with the release of their new, cross-platform tour dates app

While not the only concert app on Facebook, Bandsintown offers a particularly integrated solution. The app enables artists to manage and promote real Facebook events and ticket links on their Facebook pages and across their websites, MySpace pages, Tumblogs and Twitter.

Randy Nichols, who uses Bandsintown for his roster at Force Music Media, told Hypebot via email that the app has helped ease the burden of updating and managing tour dates online and is also very effective in terms of ticket sales and RSVPs. "They helped us take our pre-sale for Underoath's most recent tour to a new level, nearly doubling our pre-sale numbers from our previous tour."

Previously, Hypebot has covered many new ticketing companies, like Outbox and Ticketfly, who believe that providing venues with integrated ticketing and social media tools will give them a competitive edge in chipping away at Ticketmaster's historically dominant position. What is unclear, however, is whether an approach built around venues alone is enough to counterbalance the extremely large fan database Ticketmaster has built over the years.

To Bandsintown CEO Todd Cronin, this is exactly the point. "The ticketing company of the future will embrace the artist as an integral part of their ticketing platform because the artist has the access to the fans and can promote and sell the tickets much more effectively than a promoter or venue."

Already being used by nearly ten thousand artists – including Coldplay, Shakira, Tim McGraw, and Lil Wayne – Bandsintown is one of the largest and fastest growing event and ticketing apps on Facebook with over 1.7 million active users.


Web Example: We The Kings.
Facebook Example: Lil Wayne.

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