Ask The Readers: Should We Write About Music?

image from Recently, it was pointed out to me in the comments section that for all our coverage about the industry of music and the technology that's changing it, Hypebot doesn't write about any music. For minute, I paused and thought rather seriously about the potential of writing about music on the blog and how it might be kind of fun. I really love music; it's how I ended up here. The main reason that I'm so passionate about it is that I love lyrics. From age fifteen to whenever reality set in, I wanted to write lyrics.

Arguably, I got decent at it, having spent every night from the time I got home from work until the moment when I either had to sleep or consider missing school the next day. And don't let my contribution to the Hypebot Hit Song Contest fool you, I took the craft very seriously and developed over the course of years and hundreds of lyrics. I stopped, mostly because I write essays now. That, and there's less to be dramatic about when you have a full-time job and things are going reasonably well. Primarily, I wrote about life, girls, and the intersection of trying to find myself in that world. Growing up and coming of age at a time when many of the standard assumptions that defined precious generations faded into the backdrop. These days, I still have words in my head. I just don't pursue them. Or, I guess you could say that I pursue them in different ways. But, that's my only background in music. I don't have even the slightest clue how to play any instruments. This means that I also lack the vocabulary to describe, in any way, what I'm listening to and how the musicians are creating those specific sounds.

Therefore, if I did choose to write about music on the blog, I would be doing so from a lyricists perspective. The emotions that the words convey and the meaning that I derive from them. I couldn't tell you about much else. Not only that, but where would I find music to write about? I'm familiar with all the ways to discover music and follow blogs and other influential publications. I know how to find music. That's not what worries me. What I fear is that it would take too much time to sort through all the music out there in order to find something to write about. And when I say find something to write about what I'm really saying is that I would need to find something that is safe. Songs that wouldn't immediately spur hate e-mails and comments that speak of my horrible taste in music and inability to write about it. The other option is that we could accept reader submissions.

That all takes time. Time away from my core tasks, such as writing and finding news items of interest. I don't want a nightmare of song promos to look forward to when I open my Gmail. I get enough press releases about widgets and sites the way it is. So, where this fits into our coverage isn't something I foresee. Now, there are many other ways to incorporate music into the blog. For instance, semi-weekly, we could let artists and agents plug there music and we could feature the players with the best music. But, whether that's something that everyone involved would benefit from is the other question. We could also let everyone plug what they're listening to once and awhile. I'm willing to experiment and let some music on the blog. It's just not going to come from me. I don't need to be shamed for the things I find delightful. Should we feature music on the blog? In what ways? Do you want chances to plug your latest songs?

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