An Ideal World

An ideal world is one where humans live in peace and harmony with each other and the earth.
This will never be achieved from the top down.
The only way this will happen is if each person comes to peace within themselves first.

Peace within comes through each individual being self-aware,
observing their ego, and practicing mindfulness.

This practice yields self-confidence, in the truest form.
I’m not talking about arrogance or cockiness which is typically
just plate armor over a soft and self-conscious interior.
I’m talking about true self-confidence.
The kind where you recognize the ego as something separate from your being.
The kind that when someone tries to put your idea down,
you realize they are talking about an idea, not you.
The kind that when you get angry,
when your head spins out of control with wild scenarios and fears,
you take a deep breath and cease the thought.
An ideal world comes about from each individual being at peace.

These ideas are not new, they have been written about in ancient books.

In my business and life I explore and use self-awareness and mindfulness to do the best work I can and to empower and awaken my co-workers as best I can.
In writing I hope to explore and convey this same message.

Becoming mindful won’t pay the bills.
But it will make you realize that life is so much deeper than the surface trappings of society.
From this comes confidence and peace, and with it the fear associated with money melts away.

Living this way isn’t about proselytizing.
I’ve learned that you can’t “tell” anyone anything if they aren’t ready to hear it.
The best you can do is put it into the world by living it.

The journey is about leading a balanced and peaceful life.
The journey is about how to build up our every day lives from the deepest truest source in ourselves,
using mindfulness and self-awareness to guide us along the way.

I am interested in seeing and learning what enterprises are created out of this deep living.
I am interested in knowing the people who create them.
I am interested in helping to connect and celebrate people who embody this.
I am interested in teaching, inspiring, and guiding people to build these practices into their businesses, lives, and organizations.

I am not perfect… we are not perfect.
What unites us is the commitment to observing ego, being mindful and self-aware and becoming truly confident in our own lives.
Living from this place unites us with all humanity and nature.

This is our time to redefine society, business, and life -
living from this place, deep within.

What will this world look like?

It’s already here.
I look around and see it every day.

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