AM News Brief: BitTorrent Judge Conflicts, Amazon Locker, GroupMe+MTV, Thumbplay Sells & More

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  • BitTorrent Case Judge Is Former RIAA Lobbyist & Pirate Chaser - A week after her investiture, Judge Beryl Howell issued a verdict making it easier for copyright holders to send cash demands to those suspected of copyright infringement. Since Howell previously worked as an RIAA lobbyist and Managing Director of a pirate-chasing form conflict of interest charges are flying. (Torrent Freak)
  • Reports suggest that Amazon could launch a digital music and media locker as early as this week.  It's no secret that Amazon would love to beat Google and Apple to market. Watch this space and @hypebot for developments.
  • GroupMe launches new brand partnerships with MTV, Bon Jovi and others. (Business Insider)


  • Cash poor Thumbplay has sold its remaining mobile business including ringtones to SendMe Mobile for an undisclosed sum.
  • Music industry trade groups ask Baidu to filter its results.  (paidContent) Some studies show that the search engine is responsible for  50% of infringing music distribution in China.
  • The sale of Warner Music highlights a turning point for the whole industry.  Recorded music, the breaking of new acts and the selling their work is a business in crisis. (Guardian)
  • Eminem lawsuit may raise pay for older artists. (NY Times) Soul legend Sam Moore's wife and manager Joyce Moore describes how life changing the court decision may be.
  • Brian Wilson to receive the Chairman’s Award at 2011 NARM Convention.
  • 5 years later, first P2P case to be tried, Thomas-Rasset, is still chugging along. (ars)
  • Rihanna's 'Loud' Tour Dates Not Canceled. (Billboard)
  • How Do Clever Musicians Come Up With ‘Fan Getting’ Blog Posts On Demand? (DottedMusic)
  • The day recorded music dies is not far away, say labels. Illegal downloads are costing the world's record companies millions a year. (Indie
  • Rebecca Black: When Viral Video Goes Wrong. (CynicalMusican)
  • It’s Time for the Recording Industry to Stop Blaming "Piracy" and Start Finding A New Way. (EFF
  • Record shops: In tune with musicians. Independent record shops are more important than ever. In honour of official Record Store Day, on 16 April, we asked five artists to tell us what their favourite shop means to them. (Guardian

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