A Record Label Opens For Working Musicians

Fdfdfd In the UK, a record label for musicians with day jobs has opened. It is primary seeking artists who have already funded their own professional recordings and are looking for an extra boost. Day Job Records is run by a cache of music industry, public relations, marketing and legal experts who are looking to sign, develop, package, distribute and market "undiscovered gems" who can "maximize return for both parties."

Amusingly, the company boldly states in its release that it doesn't care how many Facebook or MySpace fans an artist has, all they are seeking is "artists who make music they like and are willing to put in the hard work to be successful."

Day Job Records doesn't want to own the copyright to an artist's works either.

What's most interesting though is that we live in an age where 9-5 musicians can be considered a market segment. While there has always been musicians that work a day job to support their musical career, it's rare that you see a label that targets them specifically. In 2011, Day Job Records plans to sign five artists and help them market their material. On their site, they've published this manifesto:

1.You bring the music; we'll bring everything else.
2.A mutually beneficial relationship
3.We can't make you successful on our own.
4. Social media is not the world.
5. We might not be the right record company for you.

It's hard to know what to make of this effort. Sadly, the branding is almost better than the concept. Had the label been named anything else, it would've just been another indie label. But as long as there's a solid team of business people and music fans, Day Job Records may keep its respect once the novelty is gone.

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