A Look At Drum EQ Points from Bobby O’s blog

Micing drums properly

Micing drums properlyBobby Owsinski recently posted an article on his site about drum EQ points. Here’s a snippet of that article that includes frequencies for individual drums.

  • Kick – Girth at 50Hz and below, bottom at 80 to 100Hz, hollowness at 200 to 400Hz, point at 3k to 5kHz
  • Snare – Fatness at 120 to 240Hz, point at 900Hz to 2kHz, crispness at 5kHz, snap at 10kHzHat – Clang at 200Hz, sparkle at 8k to 10kHz
  • Rack Toms –¬† Fullness at 240 to 500Hz, attack at 5k to 7kHz
  • Floor Tom – Fullness at 80Hz, attack at 5kHz
  • Cymbals – Clang at 200Hz, sparkle at 8k to 10kHz

He goes on to mention…

Beware that boosting from 40 to 60Hz too much may make the kick sound big on your speakers, but it might not be heard when played back on smaller speakers. Also remember that the ideal spot for a 22 inch kick drum (which is the most commonly used) is around 80Hz.

You can read his entire post here.

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